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About Club CAVI

At the end of the 80s a group of amateurs to the radio control cars, after organizing a lot of championships in provisional circuits, decide to request to the city council of Vigo the construction of a permanent circuit in the beach of Samil.

After a hard work the surgeon is inaugurated in 1987 with the dispute of a Great Prize EFRA.

Since then the CAVI has not stopped organizing tests at a local, regional and national level in an uninterrupted way throughout these more than 30 years.

All the pilots who have visited Vigo praise both the layout and facilities, undoubtedly one of the best in Europe, and the impeccable organization that has always characterized this club.

The CAVI and the circuit of Samil are the longest in Spain and even so it remains younger than ever since after the last reform undertaken this year the circuit is in unbeatable conditions. However, from the CAVI we continue day by day improving our facilities.

For all these reasons and as the culmination of these more than 30 years of history, this is why we present this application to host an EFRA Grand Prize in 2019.


Total length: 325 meters

Minimum width: 5 meters

Length of the main straight: 65 meters

Surface: Asphalt

Pianos: Painted Concrete

Islands: Natural Grass


Podium with capacity for 12 pilots and area for Refree with chrono and public address monitor

2 work areas on each side of the podium with fixed work tables with electrical outlets (220v) and lower shelf, for a total of 72 pilots expandable up to 150 pilots.

2 engine start tables, one on each side of the podium.

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